Hi, my name is Diogo and I'm a Marketing Professional

I started working in marketing in 2014 and although I like the vast spectrum of marketing and most aspects of it, from the more personal part of it, to the more scientific part of it, I have a specific interest in Metrics and Analytics.

About me

My name is Diogo Reis and I'm a 33 year old Portuguese Marketing Professional with 7 years experience and I believe that marketing should be a tool to bridge the gap between companies and their customers in a mutually beneficial way. I do not have a set focus on any specific part of marketing, but instead I tend to be very broad when it comes to the whole marketing spectrum.

In the past, I've done a lot of benchmarking and price analysis, and corresponding price setting for thousands of items. I have also worked on selling campaigns as well as creating flyers, brochures, merchandising and even some event planning and found out a few years ago that I have a passion for metrics and analytics.

I have yet to work on SEO and SEM as well as any other part of digital marketing such as social media marketing, but I have taken some courses on a few of these subjects.

As far as my personality goes, empathy, justice and respect are fundamental to me and I consider myself to be dynamic and a team player. I am very proactive when it comes to learning new things and tackling new challenges is something that drives me.

My technical skills include some of the following:
- Microsoft Excel
- Microsoft Word
- Microsoft Powerpoint
- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe Illustrator
- Adobe Indesign
- Webflow

About my professional background



Administrative Assistant

- Contacting with clients and accountants
- Data Treatment



Marketing Assistant

- Digital content creation (Flyers, ads, campaigns,etc.)
- Events Planning
- Price table creation and review
- Supplier interaction
- Stock Management
- Brand distribution and penetration
- Market/competitor analysis
- Website Management



Administrative Assistant

- Contacting with clients and accountants
- Data Treatment

About my academic background



Post Graduation in Marketing Intelligence

- Web Analytics
- Consumer Behaviour
- Experimental Marketing
- Web Marketing



Bachelors in Applied Communications

- Marketing
- Advertising
- Public Relations
- Web Design
- Graphics Deisgn

Which languages I speak


Portuguese is my native language. I might not be the most eloquent speaker and writer, but I consider myself to be articulate.


English is my second language but, I have been learning it and using it since I was a child and I can both speak it and write it fluently.


I have never taken any Spanish lessons but, Spanish is extremely similar to Portuguese and a lot of the knowledge transfers over, having that and after working for 5 years with direct contact with Spanish colleagues, I know that I lack some vocabulary and grammar but I can hold a conversation both in spoken and written form.

About my personal interests

Physical Exercise

Although there are long periods of time where I completely stop, I do enjoy physical exercise. I very often go for bike rides or long hikes, where I like to just go on for hours and explore. I also enjoy the feeling of lifting weights and feeling my body get stronger over time and love to play football, (which would be referred to as soccer in some countries).


Like physical exercise, Gaming has been a constant in my life since I was a child. I love many aspects of it, such as playing online with a group of friends, or the competitive nature of it and even the amazing storytelling some games have to offer.

Friends and Family

Although I was never one to have large and varied groups of friends, being with my friends and my family is something that lifts me up, either doing any of the activities mentioned above or just sitting down for a nice meal and catching up.

You can contact me via the following